Day 8 - Penguins and Steampunk

We left Christchurch and headed of Oamaru - not knowing quite what to expect!

What we found was a fantastic little town which seemed to have hardly changed since Victorian times - and that of course was the attraction!!!!

Naturally we found a pub - a stupendous pub. The Criterion Hotel - what can I say - a serious rival to The Bishop!!! I had Camembert melted with fantastic bread (have eaten so much bread this holiday) Service was slow since they had a group of OAPs in - but we did not care - could have stayed there forever!

But we did eventually leave to look around the town - and I bought the first of my NZ yarn stash!!!

We also went to Steampunk HQ - just a fantastical weird and wonderful gallery of all things Steampunk - fire, steam, skulls - was all there!!!

Fred then found a fantastic playground- still with a Victorian theme.

From there we headed on over to see the Blue Penguins come in. These penguins are the smallest and rarest in the world and live in this sanctuary in Omaru - we waited for quite some time to see them come in and eventually a group of about 40 came in - we could not stay to see them all come in as we needed to get to the campsite before it shut.

Lunch at the Criterion - warm Camembert.....yum

Fred ponders Penny Farthings!

Steampunk HQ - Quirkfabulous......

Handspun, Hand Dyed and yes thats Roving!!
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