Day 12 - Queenstown to Franz Josef

Today was a day for travelling but also  for some awesome sightseeing!

Originally we planned to get to Haast but we ended up getting all the way to Franz Josef!

We started by calling in at Arrowtown  - a cute little place we had seen on our 4x4 trip - not much for the boys but I found a great little yarn shop where I got some fabulous possum yarn! Still not too sure how they harvest it from the Possum!

Then we headed to Wanaka Lake which was beautiful and we stopped at an awesome little coffee shop for coffee and cake (banana cake, brownie and peanut flapjack!). The nice lady told us we should stop at the Blue Pools on the way to Haast so we set off!

The Blue Pools were a 30 minute walk from the road but they were well worth the effort! Secluded and just beautiful (not that everything in NZ is not absolutely beautiful!!!)

We then drove through the spectacular Haast pass - a wow at every corner indeed!

Originally we were going to stop at Haast but for one we were in plenty of time but for two, there is nothing at Haast so we decided to trek on to Fox Glacier - stopping for a quick picnic lunch en route!

We were running low on fuel so when we got to Fox Glacier we headed to the BP station -it was closed!!! So a quick decision was made to plough on to Franz Joseph - another 27km where we thankfully found a functioning petrol station!

Supper and Top Gear ensued in the van!!!  

My Arrowtown lovelies.....
Speechless beauty

Stunning Blue Pools
I am in love with New Zealand!
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