Funky Booties - here is the pattern!!

Funky Booties

These are super simple, cute little booties based on a pattern that I used years ago when my Mum and I used to make a ‘Box of Booties’ for each person we knew having a baby. I lost the pattern long ago and recently decided that I should try and remember how to do them as they are so simple and quick. So I do not present these as my own pattern – just my own version!

Sock yarn is especially suited to these little beauties, as they look great knitted in a variegated yarn. You can change the size as you wish by using chunkier yarn and or bigger needles.

The pair featured have a contrasting yarn for the toe area, but they look equally cute knitted in one colour or one yarn.

To use sock yarn you need slightly bigger than a golf ball amount of yarn – that should leave you with plenty to do the Booties and the ties – again they are cute with or without the ties – you decide!

Needles: 4.5mm for sock or a size suitable for your yarn.
Corresponding sized crochet hook for the ties (you could even experiment with and i-cord or French knitting cord or even ribbon)

· Begin by casting on 20 stitches

· Knit 40 Rows

· Cast of 10 stitches and knit to end – 10 stitches

· If you are using a Contrast colour attach it now (remember to carry yarn up as you go – although if you forget its no big deal as you are gathering the toe section anyway!)

· Toe section:

1st Row – Knit (in C)
2nd Row – Pearl (in C)
3rd Row – Knit (in Main)
4th Row – Knit (in M)
5th Row – Pearl (in M)
6th Row – Knit (in M)

· Repeat these rows another 4 times

· Then repeat 1st and 2nd rows once.

· Cast off remaining 10 stitches

To Make up:

The finished knitting should look like this:

Attach cast off row to cast on row as below:

Gather up the toe section at top and bottom

Sew up the sole and turn the right way around – Simple!!

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