Getting Back to Normal!

So we have been here for 4 months now - can you believe it!

I think we are pretty much settled in now:

1. The heat not longer makes me gasp for breath!

2. I have survived 4 months of Land Cruiser Grand Prix

3. I have already bumped my new car!

4. I no longer get stressed about calling contractors etc at least 6 times a week

5. I have bought white trousers!

6. Freddie can swim like a fish

7. Florence has FINALLY ditched her obsession with black opaque tights

8. Keith has found an excuse to eat curry 3 times a week - says if the Indians can do it - so can can we!

Some of the highlights of the last 4 months :

Our first off roading trip - foolishly with no back up and not enough water.........but we had fun!

My February Lady Sweater - cast on in the UK and cast off in the UAE

My first pair of socks - yes I know too warm for the UAE - but I will save them for trips home! Made from 'Harry Potter' yarn in the shade 'Dumbledore'............... ha ha!!

The Pool - small but very welcome!!

The how cute!

View from my office - not sure it lives up to Manchester Square - but at least I have a big window!! I am amazed daily when I see the traffic incidents on the Airport Road!!

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