Time for a Holiday!

So today is Thursday................hurrah! Except that up until now ie 4.00pm I have thought it was Wednesday! I need a holiday, but I did not realise just how much!

Was supposed to be finishing up my Mohair Bolero - but still have not blocked it!

Instead have been working on a few gifts - which I cannot reveal just yet as one is for my swap partner and one for my sister..........both of whom may stop by to read the blog!

I am really, really pleased that the booties pattern went down so well with everyone. I think my next pattern is going to be for a baby jacket with edging in ribbon yarn - just got to make it work now!

I went up to Dubai to work today and it was very dusty/hazy. Never seems quite so bad in Abu Dhabi so not sure why that is!

Only a few days until Freddie's birthday. We visited the Party Shop in Al Raha Mall and have got some fabulous Dinosaur party bits: plates, cups, napkins, hats, centre piece, pinata etc! Will only be a fairly small affair as there are only the four of us - but seeing K wearing a Dinosaur 'nose' should be quite amusing.

Then of course the kids go back to the UK the day after. I have mixed feelings as I will miss them for the 3 weeks we are apart, but if I am brutally and selfishly honest - it will be lovely to have some time to ourselves, although heaven only knows what we are going to find to talk about!!

Oh well back to the work I thought I was going to leave until tomorrow, until I realised that tomorrow was infact today!!
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