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My name is Louise and I have been knitting since forever - yes even when it was unfashionable and definitely NOT cool!

My mother and sister taught me to knit when I was about 7 and I really have never stopped since.  I have progressed from making dresses for my dolls, through 80's shoulder padded block colour mohair (geez, what was I thinking....) right through to today, when I tend to favour classic, classy knits. My sister taught me to crochet and whilst I am not as skilled in that as knitting - I can still knock out a garment or a few granny squares.

A couple of years ago I tried my hand at designing and found that I really enjoyed it - although have to say that the technical editing was a learning curve! Definitely lots more designing in my future!

I also enjoy sewing and have even made myself a coat, fully lined in silk (which sadly I no longer have due to a leak in the house!) Embroidery has made its mark too and I can sometimes be found partaking in a little intricate needlework.

Working full time in Human Resources has not left me a lot of time to pursue my passion as much as I would have liked to - but I am now ready to move out of the corporate world and spend more time being involved in something that I really love. You will see if you have read the blog that I have had a number of medical problems recently and that is another reason to take my foot of the gas and do what I want to do rather than what brings in the most pennies (I AM good at HR by the way - but its not the same as knitting!!)

I love to write and very often see the funny side in things, which I love to share!

I will be writing reviews on anything knitting related - if you would like me to review anything, then please get in touch - naturally I will also be very upfront about those things I have chosen to review myself and those which have been sent to me.

I don't generally take knitting commissions since I don't yet have lots of time - but l am very interested in historical costume so if that's something that you are interested in - let me know. A pair of 18th century knitted woollen stockings might float my boat!

Bloggers should stick together and if you want me to mention your blog - do let me know, I am also very happy to interview and feature guest writers.

Comments of course are always welcome - let me know What Went Well and also Even Better If......

I am of course a Brit, but at the moment I live in very sunny Abu Dhabi as an ex-pat, so my meet ups are generally limited - but I do come home a couple of times a year :) There again if you live in Abu Dhabi its easy!!
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