Back to an old Love

If you have read my blog before you might know that I am also a keen sewer, but have been up until now very very inconsistent with my projects.

Fast forward to two or three months or so ago when I was feeling a bit uninspired with life (see last post about my job search!!) and I decided to trawl through You Tube where I found the lovely Lisa Comfort of Sew Over It and binged on a number of her videos (I lost count after a while...). That led me onto the Seamwork 'Design your Own Wardrobe' challenge and from there on in down a million sewing rabbit holes.  For the first time in a while I felt inspired to get back to my sewing and discovered a fabulous sewing community where the benefits of making at least some of your own clothes seemed to me to be such a no brainer!  How many times have I trawled the shops looking for something which will fit me, not be too short, not have arm circumferences of a drinking straw and be cool enough for the heat of an Abu Dhabi summer without looking like I have just walked off the beach (although I do like the 'just off the beach' look haha). AND found a healthy sewing community here in Abu Dhabi #AbuDhabiSews !!

So without going too much into the literally HUGE amount of detail I could drone on about for hours, these are a few of the things that I have made since my love of sewing took over my life again.  Of course I still adore my knitting and crochet but I would love to bring them together now with curated handmade outfits.......but baby steps first!

Hemlock Tee

This is a free pattern from Grainline Studio (you just have to sign up to their newsletter) and it really for stretch fabric.  I happily adapted the sleeves for my lovely woven cotton, but forgot to give some more ease to the bottom (face:palm) - so it has ended up being a little 'snug' over the hips!  Also in a moment of complete DUH I did not line the material up correctly when I cut out the front on the fold line - so the pattern is off!!  I guess you can't tell too much especially when I wear it with my 2Birds Dubai fabby huge tassel necklace!!! So make number one is wearable but there were certainly some lessons learned!

Light not so good on this one but see what I mean about the necklace!!

Ruby Top

My next project was the Ruby Top by Tessuti Fabrics. Such a lovely easy little pattern with a really nice detail on the back fastening.  This was in lovely drapey cotton which I got locally and a really easy sew.  I was particularly pleased with my neat stitching on the back!  I have not worn this yet as I am working on a cotton cardigan to go with it - never comfortable about letting my arms out in public!

So those were my first little tops which I am very very pleased with.  However I have two exciting dresses to share with you - next time.........

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