Some Finished Objects and finally my new pattern......

I have to admit that I have been knitting a lot just recently - I think to the annoyance of the rest of the family who seem to always see me with needles in my hands!  I have also taken to knitting on the road - but only when I am a passenger!  I have been working up in Dubai a lot recently and I have a driver (courtesy of work - and thankfully so since the Sheikh Zayed Road is about the most dangerous in the world!!) so I sit and knit in the back rather than watch the madness going on outside the car!

It has also been much much cooler which is beautiful! So its the start of those times when we can get away to the desert and also attend our much loved sporting events, not to mention carry on with the golf lessons (more about that in another post I think!!)

Anyway I finished the lovely Courtenay Beret by fellow Amira Ramblingroses aka Preeti.  Such a lovely and easy pattern.  I used Dream in Color (COLOUR) worsted weight and this fabulous bright green.  The great thing is that I have about half a skein left so I think I can make some fingerless mitts to match!

The next FO was inspired by a Cat Bhordi video on You Tube where she showed us how to make tendrils.... well who could resist!  So I decided to use up 2 skeins of Noro Yarn to make up this little scarf, which I pretty much finished during our trip to the gorgeous Qasr Al Sarab during Eid!

Then......drum roll......... finally I have published my Lordship Lane Hat and Scarf pattern on Ravelry!!  This really simple pattern seems to have taken me an age to put together - partly because Flo was very unwilling to model for me and partly because I have had so much going on recently - was difficult to get an hour together to be able to publish.  Anyway its a free pattern since it was fairly simple to come up with and write up! Go check it out!! Fantastically quick pattern ideal for last minute Christmas gifts if you live in a cold country or are visiting one over the festive season like we are!  With huge thanks to Jocelyn and Mel who test knitted the pattern for me!

Invasion of the Heximonster

Well I have fallen headlong into the craze of Hexipuffing and have managed to complete about 25 of the little things now.

However......beware all Hexipuffers - the craze is so addictive you might be visited by the Heximonster!!! This little guy landed in my house and is now taking over my life!!!

I first spotted him hiding in the bush!

But he soon made his way out

He found a nice place to sit in the tree

Then he lazed by the pool in the Abu Dhabi sun 

Raided the Fridge looking for a Beer

Settled himself down for a nap in the spare bed

Helped himself to the bathroom

NO don't do it YOU WILL FELT!!!

Chilling with his mates
Beware the addiction of the Hexipuff!!!

Welcome Fall - no I mean welcome AUTUMN......

I find myself writing more and more in the 'Global' language whereby I lose my English roots :(

I have just come back from a great holiday, and found myself talking about my 'vacation' and even once horrifically found myself talking about soccer when OF COURSE IT IS FOOTBALL!!

I think I may be noticing it more as for the last few weeks I have been getting really homesick.  I'm not sure of the root cause but probably because its still really hot here in the Middle East and I keep seeing lovely Autumnal yarns and patterns which are simply not practical apart from 4 weeks of the year - January - when it just might be cold enough between 6am and 9am for me to be able to wear that worsted (OMG I MEAN DOUBLE KNITTING!) cabled cardigan or sweater (JUMPER!!)

My holiday was great, we travelled to Kuala Lumpur and Bali.  I loved KL for the glitz and shopping and their amazing towers!  Bali for the beautiful people and their love of craft.

Anyway I have managed to make some headway with knitting since returning.  Firstly I made a couple of little sets of hats and socks to be sold at the Al Yasmina Fayre in November - all proceeds are to go to the Jack O'Donnell Foundation - a charity set up by Jack's parents after he was tragically killed in a freak Ice Hockey accident.  His parents still live here in AD and I see his Mum around all the time - I have such admiration for her to be so dedicated after losing her son.

The yarn was from Magrudy's in Abu Dhabi and was something daft like AED26 per ball - not too much at all and I got hat and socks out of one skein each.

Now I am working on my 'Lordship Lane' hat and possibly cowl - patterns hopefully up on Ravelry soon.  Would really like to publish one pattern per month but that might be a bit ambitious!  The Foxglove Shawl seems to have gone down well - sales have been steady, although I am not going to retire just yet!!

Anyway I am off to Madrid with work on Monday - looking forward to a few days about 10 degrees cooler!!

Let me know which colourway you like best - I can't chose, but lets hope they raise a good price for the Foundation!!!

My New Best Friends

So I have started the Couch to 10K programme - I must be out of my mind!  Anyway I bought myself some new trainers which are super comfortable so lets hope I can keep it up. I did Day 2 today and did not feel really bad - slight pain in my shins but aside from that nothing much else hurts!

I am blogging and twittering about it in the hope that it shames me enough to keep it up.  The actual running (well and walking at the moment) I really enjoy.....what I don't enjoy is getting the motivation to get out to the gym in the heat......but hopefully my new best friends will spur me on and I can get fit again.......been way too long!!!

Oh My Gosh!!

Just take a hop over to  Brooklyn Tweed and look at the Wool People just wow!!  Can't wait for it to be cold somewhere............

For myself I have been busy designing a secret project - have to say so far has really tested my maths skills - hmmn and I thought this pattern design lark would be fun.......! ha ha it is really and beats Human Resources hands down!!

Two weeks and two days to my holiday.........can't come soon enough!!!!

End of an Era :(

So.... finally Harry Potter comes to an end (well the film versions anyway)!  I have read all the books (of course!) and can still read them again, but I think that seeing the last Harry Potter film is pretty poignant for most of us who have watched the actors develop from kids to adults, or from adults to more mature adults - and lets say it reminded me that time does march on no matter how much we wish it wouldn't!

I am of course a HUGE fan and I can only stand back in awe at JK Rowling's imagination and skill in making these characters almost part of our own family and of course wishing that Magic really really exists.....

I am a (very) grown woman but still cried at the tragedy which comes out.....(no spoilers from me though), even though I had read the book, seeing the action sprung those tears!

I will miss Harry Potter for the time being - I think a reminder in the calendar for the year 2020 to remind me to start reading them all over again will be a good move!

Anyway here is Flo wearing her funky Harry 3D glasses - we splashed out and went Gold Class in homage.......

Bantry House

So here is the little ditty I have been furiously knitting for the past two weeks!  My friend and colleague Mairead is finally tying the knot next week at the gorgeous Bantry House in Southern Ireland.  I have done a Swallowtail for her (first time with this pattern and I really loved it!!) in a Posh Yarn colourway called Minx - which should a) match the colour of the bridesmaids dresses perfectly and b) really be called Tardis Blue......and you know how fond of Dr Who I am!!!

I will be giving this to her tomorrow when I see her in Dubai so fingers crossed she likes it.  Don't expect her to wear it for the wedding but its really just for a memento of the day.

My next project is very secret and very exciting!!!!!

I want this SO badly..........

Doctor Who Bracelet by ~Cinnamonster on deviantART

The Foxglove Shawlette at last....

So I have been working on this design for what seems like forever!  I first thought about this design nearly a year ago when home in the UK and I saw some lovely cottage gardens in the UK.  I used to have a lovely cottage garden myself full of hollyhocks and foxgloves at our house in East Sussex 10 years ago - how things have changed since then! My garden now is full of desert roses. bourgonvillia and cacti which can manage the excessive heat!

Anyway after much thought and mathematics I finally came up with the first purple version of the Foxglove Shawlette.  I found an edging stitch pattern that I really liked which was very reminiscent of the flowers on the foxglove.... small bells.

I knit the first version in a huge ball of Hayfield Bonus which I had got from Magrudy's in Abu Dhabi and I was especially interested in making something from some fairly cheap acrylic since although we all love expensive hand dyed wool - the truth is that we can't all afford such luxury!  My second version was in artesano super wash wool - which again was not 'premium' quality wool and more affordable for mere mortals, but still a really lovely yarn.

I never intended for them to work together, but when I put them close by I quickly saw that they would just look fabulous layered on a really cold day........

Anyway I am delighted that the pattern is now on Ravelry although you can also get it here if you like......

Ok I am not even going to think up an excuse.....

Well no point making up any excuses, I have just not been on here for a long time!  I lost my knitting mojo big time and even am now very behind in my textile work.  Plenty of things to blame, but mostly was exhaustion, which may or may not have been affected by the fact that my kidney function has not been at its best for a little while!

However I really do feel better and have been knitting like the wind, and designing to boot!  Although can't say that my Textile work has progressed any!  Anyway the fab news is that we are moving to a new villa which is much bigger (lovingly called B&Q by the family who think it resembles a warehouse!).  So I am going to have my own office/studio where I can happily wile away the hours doing textile work and designing!  Oh of course that is when my day job gives me the time.

Anyway for the time being here are a few of my recent FO's and of course the lovely (well in my humble opinion anyway...) Foxglove Shawlette.  I hope to get some test knits done soon and put up on Ravelry for make my fortune..... Well
perhaps not but might pay for some of the yarn I have succumbed to recently........Cascade Pima Cotton, Madelinetosh, Cascade 220......