End of an Era :(

So.... finally Harry Potter comes to an end (well the film versions anyway)!  I have read all the books (of course!) and can still read them again, but I think that seeing the last Harry Potter film is pretty poignant for most of us who have watched the actors develop from kids to adults, or from adults to more mature adults - and lets say it reminded me that time does march on no matter how much we wish it wouldn't!

I am of course a HUGE fan and I can only stand back in awe at JK Rowling's imagination and skill in making these characters almost part of our own family and of course wishing that Magic really really exists.....

I am a (very) grown woman but still cried at the tragedy which comes out.....(no spoilers from me though), even though I had read the book, seeing the action sprung those tears!

I will miss Harry Potter for the time being - I think a reminder in the calendar for the year 2020 to remind me to start reading them all over again will be a good move!

Anyway here is Flo wearing her funky Harry 3D glasses - we splashed out and went Gold Class in homage.......

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