Invasion of the Heximonster

Well I have fallen headlong into the craze of Hexipuffing and have managed to complete about 25 of the little things now.

However......beware all Hexipuffers - the craze is so addictive you might be visited by the Heximonster!!! This little guy landed in my house and is now taking over my life!!!

I first spotted him hiding in the bush!

But he soon made his way out

He found a nice place to sit in the tree

Then he lazed by the pool in the Abu Dhabi sun 

Raided the Fridge looking for a Beer

Settled himself down for a nap in the spare bed

Helped himself to the bathroom

NO don't do it YOU WILL FELT!!!

Chilling with his mates
Beware the addiction of the Hexipuff!!!
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