Happiness is a FO

So I have made a bit of a decision to finish all my WIP.............yes I know that is probably a very false dream as I am sure I am going to be tempted to cast something on before I have finished what's on the needles - but its an aspiration!

This week I have finised the Purplewurple scarf which I have knitted as a gift - initially for Sue - but now she has retired to France and I don't have her address yet, it might have to live in the gift box! I am sure if I can't find a home for it I will keep it myself!

So why Purple'wurple' I hear you ask............well or maybe you don't ask, but I will tell you anyway! I was watching the sublime QI one day and Stephen Fry asked if there was anything that rhymed with 'Purple'? Well in his usual style Alan Davies (bear with me non QI watchers...) thought he would be clever and shouted 'Wurple'........and to everyone's surprise it is actually a word in the Oxford English Dictionary. Wow you say, what does it mean - well to be truthful I forgot! But the name seemed apt for the scarf so there it is......PurpleWurple!

The other things I finished was a pair of booties made from the same yarn. These are working from the Funky Booties Pattern I have been working on (well 'working on' is a very loose term!). Bascially I remember knitting a pair of booties years ago, when Mum and I used to make a 'Box of Booties' for everyone we knew having a baby! It was an Australian pattern book I think and I have remembered it as best I can............not that its exactly difficult! So I am going to put the pattern together and publish it on Ravelry - I am not claiming to invent it of course, but this is just my version!!

They turned out quite cute although I am not sure if they look better with the tie or without???

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