Oh goodness no time to blog...... going to change that now!

So of course I have had no time to Blog for the last 3 or 4 weeks! Life has been a huge round of shopping, organising, taxis and phone calls.........you make 4 calls in the UAE to every 1 you would have made at home!

And don't even get me started on Taxis.....I have not been the same way twice to the same destination and a lot of taxi drivers tell me they are new and we end up travelling half way around Abu Dhabi at huge expense! Am try to buy a car, but of course in the UAE tradition that too is not without its hassles! K seems to get much better treatment because he works for the Airport - in my case, a world renowned Management Consultancy firm has about as much clout as a one man shoeshine business!! I am sure I will look back on all this hassle and laugh!

We have been trying to get people to quote for our landscaping (currently living amongst sand, sand and more sand........) not having too much luck - people come around and say they will phone, email etc with the quote and it never comes - I think they take one look at us and run for the hills (or should that be the Dunes.........!)

Have to say I am not particularly enjoying my job at the moment - staffing people on cases is not proper HR and it takes so much time and effort! Good news is that we are very busy, but that is a pain as have to get staff from other offices..........and asking them to come over here at the hottest time of the year is not particularly attractive!

Kids are fine and off school at the moment - F keeps watching the Vicar of Dibly and I am finding at the moment that it is making me a bit homesick!

The good news is that I have managed to pick up my knitting again - to stop me from going mad!! I have made more progress on my February Ladies Sweater and started some socks from my stash (Harry Potter yarn!).

Even better than that I managed to meet up with the ladies of the Ravelry Abu Dhabi knitting group on Friday and it was good to sit and chat about knitting for an hour or so, before yet another trip to Ikea to get stuff for the house. Actually the only two things I am looking forward to from my shipping is my bed and my stash!

Anyway first sock attempt below - totally unsuitable for Abu Dhabi, but fine for the cold weather at home.....................

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