Day 7 - Bucket Listing

Got up very early again since we needed to be to Kaikoura for 10.30 for our Whale watching trip! 

Fantastic scenery on the way and NZ Fur Seals just lazing by the side of the road!

Arrived at Kaikoura in plenty of time for coffee and scones before heading onto the bus to go over to our vessel!! Fantastic boat and crew took us to see the awesome Sperm Whales and we saw 3 sightings - 2 of the same Whale 'Birdy' -  just awesome to be so close to these majestic creatures. On the way back to base we stopped off to see some more seals and then we ran across a pod of about 150 Dusky Dolphins! Absolutely fantastic to be so close to these - one of my very favourite animals (along with otters and Unicorns if they existed!). I was in my element - I could have died then and been happy!!!

From Kaikoura we travelled onwards towards Christchurch after stopping for a picnic lunch!

We parked up in Christchurch but this was a huge camp on the outskirts of the city so we stayed in and ate pork chops and watched pixelated Rugby courtesy of Sky Sports day pass!!!

Going down
Almost gone

Playful Dusky Dolphins
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