Day 4 - in which we pick up 'The Black Beast'

Took a cab from the hotel to pic up the camper van from Britz - took a little while to get sorted and think we were there about an hour.

Ironically they gave us the All Blacks liveried camper van - McGraw - number 7 - which meant more to Keith than me!

We dashed off to find out that drawers were not closed - glasses smashed etc etc - there was much for us to learn in Campervanning!!!!!!

We set off and travelled up to Rotarua - stopping at some minor hot springs on the way - Pack and Save was probably not the best of introductions to NZ - but we got to food we needed and headed to the first of our Top Ten Holiday camps! Blue Lake - gorgeous views but we needed to unpack and sort out the van so did not spend much time exploring - we were starving as had no lunch but made spaghetti and tomato sauce - then managed to put the bed together and had an uncomfortable night sharing a very small space whilst Fred had a massive double all to his self!!

The Black Beast in all its glory!!
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