Day 11 - The Park and Ziplining

The boys decided that Zip Lining would be a good idea - I was not so sure but went along with it anyway! We started off with a walk in the park and watched frisbee golf!! Which seems to be a mad but hilarious local sport!!

We had a good walk around Queenstown - a great town and I guess an idyllic place to live! Then headed up to the Sky Gondola - once at the top we elected to have a buffet lunch in the restaurant before heading over to the Zip Line.

Zip lining was fun and took myself out of my comfort zone - we did 6 lines - with the last one being very steep! Fred and Keith were brave enough to go upside down and all ways - I just was happy enough to look at the scenery!!

Took us about 2 1/2 hours to get down so were quite exhausted by the end! But our guides Raul and Leo were great!

We then went for a drink at the Pig and Whistle before heading to the Botswana Butchery for a fabulous supper in a great location - a fitting end to our last night in Queenstown! 

Fred the Flying Fox!
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