Day 3 - Around Auckland

Day 3 - Around Auckland

Breakfast at the hotel and then straight over the road to North Face to get some warm clothes!!!

Then warm socks and boots from Timberland!!!

Went to the Maritime Museum and took a trip (eventually, after the boat had an engine problem) - went around the harbour - was cold but lovely - began finally to wind down from work!

After the boat trip went over to the wharf and had lunch - I had seafood chowder and the first of many ginger beers - which they do very well in NZ! Mac is the name - so wish we had them in Abu Dhabi.

We also saw a Batman Lamborghini - which was extremely cool!!!

After a long walk around Auckland getting a few things liked bigger memory stick for the camera - we headed back to the hotel where for some reason Keith and I drank 4 bottles of fantastic NZ wine!!! Then ate in the 'Kitchen' - the hotel restaurant ( well at least we think we did!!)

Fred was a bit chilly on the Wharf!
First of my many Mac's!!
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