Giving it all away!

Well I seem to have made a reasonable start to all the clearing out and sorting! Today I have put a number of things onto Freecycle (fantastic concept!!) and already my 'too good to throw away' stuff is going to good homes.

In this climate of uncertainty it makes a lot of sense to recycle! A guy just came to pick up some of my jigsaws for his elderly parents and he was chuffed to bits - which made me chuffed to bits too!

Of course still have a mountain of stuff to go, but getting there!

Still not 100% sure of Flo's start date at Al Yasmina so that's a bit of a worry - but I remain optimistic for the 22nd (well flights are booked............!)

I went to Iknit London to 'have a look around' hmmn , ended up with 2 lots of sock yarn to add to the sock yarn I have already bought...............guess what..........I have never knitted a pair of socks!! Was drawn by the colours and the fact that one of them was the Harry Potter brand - although of course Harry was sold out and I had to settle for Dumbledore - honestly I despair at myself sometimes! The Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn is Fab-u-lous though! see below.......

Oh and also got a set of Denise needles from a friend ...............can't wait to use them! My Knitpicks ones are on the way do I really need more Knitting 'stuff' - YOU BET I DO!!!!

My Birthday next week and I am hoping the Knitting Fairy and the Philosophy Fairy will visit - hmmn I had best keep hoping!!

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