Packing the Stash!!

Well this has been quite a busy week again! Seem to be doing the whole 'two steps forward, one step back' again, but I think overall we are making progress.

Have one quote for removals and shipping which does not seem too bad! Sent all the documents to Al Yasmina school - again! - and 'should' have the place for Flo but not confirmed!

However have confirmed a trip out over half term and managed to get work to pay for it! So K and Flo will have a one way flight and me and Fred will go over to AD for the week and come back on the 23rd. Hopefully will be able to come out permanently a couple of weeks later. I have had a mega clear out in Fred's room and I am pleasantly surprised at how co-operative he was about the radical 'recycling' of toys and books. However I am in that position now where the spare room is full of labelled up bags and boxes which I now need to distribute to various people and charities! We have to start Flo's room tomorrow and that is going to be 100 times worse!

The most enjoyable bit was packing my stash in its posh plastic crates, which I bought especially! I managed to get my yarn into two boxes (quite big you understand!!) and my sewing and needlework into the other. Of course I have not even begun on the patterns and pattern books although to be frank I think I might have to leave some of them with my Mum and just take my favorites (which is still a considerable amount!)

So after all that I was feeling tired and dusty so had a bath with my Philosophy 'Field of Flowers' bath foam - although I hope I get some of the coffee and cream 'flavour' bath/shower gel for my birthday!!

Still have not taken a photo of Flo's finished cardigan - I am quite pleased with it although I did not have enough yarn left (I substituted) for the picot edging so had to double chain crochet the important bits instead - nevertheless I think it looks ok. Will take a photo tomorrow - its too dark now!

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