Marking stuff from the 'To Do' List!!

Well I have been working through the 'To Do' list! Actually I think its better now that I have written everything that needs to be done in a list - its like it has a home now other than floating around inside my head - and I can be making a start!

So I have sent the reams of paperwork to Al Yasmina for Flo's school place - but worryingly I have not heard anything back from them - so will phone tomorrow! I get the feeling that I have to follow every email up with a phone call!! House is finally up for rent - see below! So is feeling more and more real!

K has not heard from his new boss or new HR department about his start date, which is worrying but he will just have to do the thing he hates most in the world - pick up the phone and call a scary stranger who may just be able to help him (not a joke, he won't even ring for a delivery pizza unless he is on the point of starvation! - how he manages to pull off a reasonably intellectual job is beyond me!).

My move has finally been confirmed with my Firm - now just the negotiations over the housing allowance! As they don't actually give any housing allowance in the UAE at the moment that could be challenging, but in my role as Head of HR for the Middle East, I think this particular change of policy is first on my list!! However, the thought of 4 of use in a one bedroomed apartment (what we will get for the the amount of housing we have been given by K's firm) is not particularly attractive at the moment! I must chill it will be sorted soon!

Anyway on to more important things in my next post..................

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