Ok so I think its finally happening........

So after lots of time and frustration, I think the move is actually going to happen.
Waiting for the Visa stuff to get sorted and also for my husbands security clearance to come through. I will hopefully transfer with my current firm which will make life a bit easier I hope - an oasis of what I know, amongst the ocean of the unknown! (or maybe that should be the desert of the unknown!)

Things worrying me:

1. Housing - we are getting a terrible housing allowance from ADAC and so I hope that my firm will be able to cough up some more or we will be in a one bed-roomed flat and that would be a nightmare! That’s before we even start the search. I have my heart set on Al Raha Gardens and I am not sure that’s going to be possible from a cost and an availability point of view - however as is always the case with me I am making huge assumptions!

2. Schooling - I think Al Yasmina have a space for Florence in Yr 7 which will be good but not sure about Fred - so that’s worrying!

3. Work! - can’t really afford to have a month off as DH will not earn enough to keep us going so I am going to have to go straight to work. I have been working myself to exhaustion in London and I understand the Middle East operation from an HR point of view is in a bit of a mess and will require some major input from me. Again the huge assumptions are coming out here

4. The kids - although I am sure they will be fine and at the end of the day we are doing this in part for their futures………..so I must stop worrying about it!

5. DH - he seems to be having some second thoughts - although to be fair he has signed his contract so as long as the security check comes back ok then its pretty much a done deal!

6. Last and by no means least…………sorting stuff out here. I just want to get on with it now!

Anyway in this blog I will try and put together something around how we are getting along (or not) with the move and then hopefully I can look back on this challenging period with some sort of fondness………..hmmn well that’s the plan!

Anyway to remind me of what I am moving away from…….this is my bleak road in South East London on a cold January day!!

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