Life has come to a grinding halt.............

Snow in London - whoa! At first it was lovely, no school, no work, thoughts of being holed up in the house in the armchair - knitting!

Ah so actually it meant I have been logged onto work trying to sort stuff out 'virtually' and have only just stepped away from my work email page. On the other hand Keith and the kids went for lunch in the pub followed by snowball fights...............hmmn not sure I got the deal there!

Anyway its very pretty (or at least it was!) but has caused complete havoc in the city - with more forecast! I guess its the UK weather's way of saying goodbye!

K's family were over yesterday for a farewell lunch so it actually feels like we are going now!

Managed to get on with the KAL - although the wool looks lovely, its is a nightmare to work with! Moving onto the lace pattern shortly so that will be interesting. Anyway enjoy the snow pictures............

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