Better Week

Well this has been an interesting week, so we had snow on Monday and Tuesday! The whole place came to a halt and in some places its still bad - cold in London but no snow at the moment - although the forecast is for more tomorrow!

In terms of the move, things are going better. Flo's place at Al Yasmina is confirmed and she has a space on the bus from the Corniche. ADAC are now helping with Fred's place so fingers crossed.

Nothing on my replacement at work yet - so that is worrying. I am not sure Keith is going to be too keen on being out in the UAE with Flo on their own for too long. I hope to get details on my package tomorrow - I am thinking the worst, and that it won't be enough - then I can only be pleasantly surprised!

Still clearing out the house, its never ending! No news on the rental yet which is a concern - but we are where we are, and there is no point worrying about it.

Birthday was good and got some lovely Noro wool from Sue! My birthday present to myself, my Knit Picks needles arrived and they are lovely. The KAL is coming on well - suppose I should take a photo.

The other funny thing was that I knitted Flo a sperm for her biology homework - did not seem too bizarre at the time (well it meant another knitting opportunity after all!) but everyone else I told thought it was hilarious..........well see for yourself!!

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