Knitting on the Big Screen: Outlander (naturally!!)

I am always on the look out for fabulous knitwear on the big screen and of course for the first of this little occasional segment I just had to chose Outlander!

As I am a bit of an Outlander stalker on social media I know that Terry Moore (Terry as in female Terry) is the costume designer and from what I have seen in the sneak previews she has done an absolutely fantastic job.  Talk about job envy!  I love everything about historical costume and my family think I am mad when I read a book like 'The History of Underclothes' like a novel!

I am glad to say that my daughter is also following in my footsteps so we can have interesting chats about what sort of mens underpants were fashionable in 1580!!

Anyway back to the knitting - as you can see Claire (played by Catriona Balfe) is wearing a very cute shawlette.  I am sure replicas of this will come storming through Ravelry very shortly.  Looks to me like chunky weight with moss stitch and maybe even shaping cables at the back?  Yarn of course would have been handspun in the 18th Century but it does have something of the Rowan Coocon about it........ I am sure we will find out soon enough - the Outlander fans are nothing if not enterprising!!

Cant wait for August..........still don't know how we will see Outlander in the UAE but I am counting on this being as big as Game of Thrones (and I am late to the party with that one, only up to episode 4 of the first series....... yes thats a lot of knitting time ahead!)

UPDATE: in exciting updated news I found the maker of some of the other knitwear on Outlander - and she even has a shop and lives in Benbecula (for those not familiar with the geography of the UK - thats a place verra verra out of the way in Scotland!!)

Go and take a vista to her shop Inner Wild on Etsy

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