Finished Object: Green Goddess

So my Green Goddess is finally finished (in that its blocked, photographed and updated on Ravelry!) Of course those are the rules (of course fairly flexible) from the lovely Knitmore Girls podcast (which if you don't listen to already then you really really should!)

Anyway this was supposed to be the Hawkmoth Pullover by the very talented Debbie O'Neill from the Nutty Creations blog ...... hmmm!  I loved the pattern so much and really wanted a light pullover in lace weight.  I had the ideal colour in my stash - Posh Yarn Sylvia Lace in the colour way Globetrotter, which I had purchased two or three years ago and had just been calling out to me from the stash.  The colour is to die for - a really bright emerald green and perfect for the oodles of sunshine we get here in AD. (BTW just saying that if you visit the Posh yarn site, I deny any responsibility to your bank manager - its just the most fantastic yarn.........)

So I cast on and was very happy once I had done the body - but then I glanced at the remaining yarn and realised that this was one game of Yarn Chicken that I was just not going to win!  So I decided to make it into a tank/vest (depending on which side of the Atlantic you come from).  Completely and utterly fudged as I went along, but in all honesty I am really pleased with it and as the temperatures soar up in to the mid 40 degrees centigrade then it seems the best decision all round!

You can find details on my Ravelry page here Green Goddess I did over block the armholes a little bit - but you can't notice when its on, and when I wash it next time, I think I will be a little less aggressive!

Who has played Yarn Chicken recently?  Have you won or have you lost? Would love to hear from you!

I love the way this Posh Yarn pooled - so pretty
Good stitch definition
Lovely Drape!

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