Day 17 - Lake Taupo to the Waitomo caves

We started off the morning by going along to a dam to watch the release of the waters.  Now I thought that this would not be particularly interesting, but I went along with it!  So first we climbed up to the upper viewing point and waited for 10.00am patiently..........

When the gates opened up it seemed like a slow trickle at first, but then the water came down in heavy torrents with its energy being captured by the power station at the end of the gully - just goes to show that its quite possible to harness natural power!

We then headed off to Waitomo where we visited caves.  My personal favourite was the Glow Worm cave where we lay down in a boat and went through an underground river with the twinkling lights of the glow worms overhead - simply magical.  Sadly of course, we were not able to take photos - but I will remember the experience for a long long time!

We spent the evening in Waitomo itself and walked up to the old hotel on the hill - although when we got there it looked a bit spooky and deserted so we turned on our heels and hurried back down again!

Gushing down the Gully!


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