Day 16 - Whanganui to Lake Taupo

So we left our friends the Ducks and the Goat and headed off to Lake Taupo.

Again this was a long journey, but we always had the scenery to accompany us!

Fred had become a bit travel sick by always sitting in the back - so I offered to swap places with him!  Sitting in the back gave another perspective - but it was not the most comfortable - its really a place for children!  On the bright side I did not have to worry about navigating - even with a sat nav, somehow i need to reassure Keith we are going the right way - and of course I am not always sure myself!!

Lake Taupo turned out to be yet another lovely lake and we spent a few hours in the small town.  The people of New Zealand really are exceptionally laid back and friendly - we had coffee in yet another of the many excellent coffee shops - I am an absolute convert to the 'flat white'!!

Parked up and replenished our booze stocks - row of Gnomes in the off licence......well why not!

Lake Taupo - lovely vista for lunch!

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