Day 14 - Greymouth to Picton

Today was one if those 'utility' journeys - quite lovely scenery but our main job was to get to Picton so that we could catch the early ferry next morning.

After a quick walk around Greymouth (where precisely zero was happening) we headed out.

We passed though some lovely wine country including passing the Cloudy Bay vines - just a beautiful location! I might only ever drink Cloudy Bay in future - although it's a fortune in Abu Dhabi!!! 

We arrived in Picton much earlier than expected (there really is NO traffic on NZ roads!!) so went to explore....

The marina area is very pretty but nothing was open with only a handful of other humans wandering the town.  Amazingly the mini golf was quite popular and we played an exciting 18 holes! I won!!!

We frequented the local historic hotel for a few drinks before heading off to the Fish and Chip shop - where we met the loveliest old Kiwi guy who told Fred about all the local fish - he as a true gem and a gent!

After running home with our bounty we enjoyed fish and chips a la camper and the boys watched sport care of Sky Sports whilst I really got into my book about 2 gay Americanguys who buy up a small Olive grove in NZ - what an idyllic thing to do........ Just maybe I want to do that too!!!

Different vista - still as beautiful!
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