Well Well Well........

Well........ I have not blogged for a while - and in truth I am not too sure why.  The summer was such a weird time that it all seems like some sort of bad dream which I am trying hard to forget - although there are times when I don't want to forget it - why would I want to forget a reminder that life is so precious?

I started a new job at the end of September - why did I do that at such a topsy turvy time in my life?  In truth I guess that why not??  Mind you - this job was in my mind a step backwards to give myself a bit of breathing space - not that I explained that too well to my new employer who has bombarded me with 'stuff' to do and now I certainly don't feel that I am taking it easy!  I no longer have responsibility to manage other people and to be frank that is a big plus for me!  No more moaning about salary, windowless offices and career progression - or lack of it!!

I think its fair to say that I am now more thankful than ever for my family - my kids have kept me going through some tough times and I think I love them even more, if that is at all possible!

Well aside from the new job, I have got back into playing Golf!  Well I still have a loss of feeling in my right arm so its quite theraputic to play and keep my arm moving - more interesting than gym exercises (which I am also doing with the help of an evil personal trainer!). I think I am making improvements to my game - certainly there are times when I think I have cracked it......... only to be faced with another 'round of shame' where I mess up completely!

We have had lots of visitors since I blogged last and not only is it tiring to have people to entertain when you are also out of the house from 7.30am to 6.00pm, it gets very expensive with all the extra alcohol and food (you see the order of importance there....well at least for the sort of guests we have!)

Its also that fab time of year when the weather cools down so in the past months we have been for 3 days to the Abu Dhabi F1, the Race to Dubai (Golf), the Dubai Rugby Sevens and of course the concerts from the F1: Kylie, Nickleback and Eminem.........so time has been running away with me!

On the knitting front I finally finished my Wingspan - but its still waiting for me to block it!  I also designed a cowl based on an idea from the book "The Night Circus" and was part of an 'along' with the Playfulday Ravelry group.  I also finally finished off the pattern for the shawl for the Dubai Knits Club - more on that once the club kits have been received and I can show some photos!

However amongst all that I managed to break my hard disk on my Macbook by accidently dropping it on the marble floor. What a disaster!!  I was backed up on my Time Machine - but unfortunately due to some sort of glitch and the fact that the repair shop put the new Mac software on the repaired machine, I managed to 'lose' all of my photos - about 3000 of them :(  I am hopeful I can eventually get them back, but I was devastated.  The Time Machine had been playing up but I never got around to fixing it - lesson learned........

So anyway here area few photos to share of the Reveurs cowl and my favorite knitting spot overlooking the 9th green at Abu Dhabi Golf Club - which is soon to be hosting the likes of Rory McIlroy, Luke Donald and maybe even Tiger Woods may be persuaded to come again! (I am marshalling this year so look out for me on the TV - might have to plan to wear a handknit so you can spot me!!)

If you want to download the free pattern for the cowl it can be found here on Ravelry
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