Guess Who's Back!

So after spending about 3 hours redesigning the template of this blog (ha ha it does not look very much different!) I am ready to be back to blogging!

I could have put loads of different news in here - but after all yesterdays papers tell yesterdays news hey and I think that its more interesting to go forward rather than back!

So I have been doing some cool knitting and even some sewing - but I think this blog will also now include stuff that I love :)

So..... things that I am loving at the moment!

Gone Girl

Listening to this via Audible and I have to say I am hooked!  Not finished it yet - but boy oh boy this has kept me gripped.  Ok its perhaps not the most literary thing I have ever read, but its certainly a ripping yarn!!

Nail Varnish

Oh boy I am very much into different nail varnish at the moment - especially loving Bourjois quick drying and OPI - could not make up my mind which one to use - I went for the blue in the end because it matched with my new Tiffany glasses (yes finally sucumed to reading glasses - but if you have to do it - at least do it with style!


What can I say - I love this brand - especially the Honey products - just adore them! We don't always get a huge amount of choice here in the UAE but my local Boots (yes we do now have Boots!) have started stocking them and they are fabulous quality - mid price range.

In terms of knitting I have made Freddie a hat for New Zealand (Declans hat on Ravelry) as well as finally finishing off some of my other WIPS!

To keep her warm in NYC is a top down raglan I made for Flo for her trip to New York - she is seen here with Lady Gaga - ok NOT the real Lady Gaga!!

Reveurs Cowl was part of an 'along' with the Playful Day podcast group and I released the free pattern on Ravelry (see previous blog post)

Rosebud in Teal is of course a lovely Brooklyn Tweed pattern - comes up very big - but great for a cold winter day in the UK - and I needed it when we went back at Easter because it was FREEZING!!

Grey Skies Wingspan was started on holiday in Lagkawi last year!! Grey skies fitted the colour but also we had afternoons of torrential rain!!

Zig Zag cowl was a travelling project which I finished in the UK and then had a million kitchener stitches to do when I got home (well not quite a million, but it felt like that!!)

Woolywormhead mystery 2012 hat pattern was a bit of a labour of love, and when I was half way though I saw loads of FOs so it ceased to be a mystery and therefore I lost interest!!!!!

Well thats about it for now - I will have more to share after our trip to NZ - so excited!!!

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