A quick catch up ..............

So life has been busy busy busy for the last 2 or 3 weeks! Work is manically busy still and I find that I am brain dead by the end of the day........even been too brain dead to knit - so I know that I have a problem!

However I have been sticking to my promise to be nicer to myself - so I have learned the word 'No' when I am asked to add something else to my 'to do list'! I have to say in all fairness that my boss and the other guys I work with do show appreciation and I seem to get more thanks than I ever did in London.......so not really sure what that says!! A ponder for another day!

Anyoldhow.......My Dad and Brother came over to visit last week and it was fabulous to see them. We went to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which was a masterpiece! The setting is truly awesome and despite my fears, it was run really well - the occasional hitch, but nothing to gripe about really! I managed to get to two of the four free concerts and saw Jamiroquoi and Aerosmith. Well people, if you had told me that I would rock out at an Aerosmith concert I would have laughed in your face........ex ballet dancer, knitter and mum! But I loved it - the guys may be collecting their pensions but they were an advert in 'not showing your age' - unless of course you ignore the inevitable big screen close up shots - which were probably best if you did not look to closely at them!

Other than the Grand Prix I managed to give them (my Dad and Brother that is - not the boys from Aerosmith!) a quick tour of Abu Dhabi and even (eventually after hitting the same missed turning 3 times!) the Grand Mosque which was truly breathtaking!

But of course I cannot blog without mentioning the knitting............

So I finished the Damson - its lovely and now languishing waiting for me to block it! I have promised Flo that once its blocked then she will model it for me so that I can take some pictures. She is a beautiful girl (ok ok I am biased - I AM her Mum after all!) and I think she will look great!

The second sock syndrome has also hit really badly and I just don't seem physically able to cast it on. I see lots of lovely lace socks which I would like to try and which look like they could knit up quite fast - but this pair is wrecking my mojo!

I also finally frogged a baby jacket that had been languishing in the UFO bag for at least 2 years! The pattern is in French and actually I had made some amendements to it, clearly, but of course had not written them down! Not only that but its in really chunky weight yarn - no good for the Middle East AND for a girl..........no baby girls in my life at the moment. So rather than waste a good amount of yarn on something I no longer love, I have frogged it and will probably make a hat out of it..............because of course I need a wooly hat here in the heat...!!!!!

So that means that actually my UFO list is down to just two!! The black mohair bolero - which can only be knit in the daytime as I cannot see in the twilight or even the electric light! AND the Earl Grey socks (or well technically sock in the singular!).

Feeling good about that I cast on a Phiaro last night! Hurrrah I thought and got going at the speed of light..........wasn't until I had done about 2 inches that I realised I had twisted it! HONESTLY of all the stupid mistakes to make on a garter stitch round! I have knitted in the round many many times and I should have know better - if I am honest I think I was just too 'cocky' and as usual life takes you down a peg or two - so I ripped back and started again - rather more humbly this time! Trouble was my shame was in front of a bunch of new knitters who were looking to me to help them in my expertise...........yeah right!!

I have lots of pictures from the Grand Prix but I thought I would just post the one below - knitting photos to follow.............

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