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So I just looked at the last time I posted anything and scarily it was back in August

A lot has gone on since August - as ever with my manic life - but some was not so good so to re-live the memories would be counterproductive! I have just finished reading a book called 'Excuse me, your life is waiting!' by Lynn Grabhorn and it was a revelation - by not sending out positive vibes I just attract more and more negative enough said!! I have a tendancy to be very tough on myself and I need to give myself some good feeback from time to time!

ANYWAY! I realise that I really do want to concentrate on my knitting (and sewing and stitching!) because its something I am passionate about and I have now got to the stage in my life where I don't really care what others think - I should make myself happy!

So the Ishbels were a marvel once they were blocked I was absolutely delighted with them - hmmn so much so that I decided to go straight into another lace shawl - this time Luna Moth. I did actually cast this on whilst in the UK and knit it on the plane coming home (no problems with my Denise needles!!). The lace pattern was a bit more of a challenge but I got the hang of it and it seemed to fly off the needles in no time. So its destined to go to my Mother In Law for her Christmas present - she likes to go on holiday to warm places so would be ideal for her in the evenings.

Anyway, here they are from left to right - Ishbel in Malabrigo, Ishbel in Posh, Luna Moth in Posh.

I should also say that a skein of Posh laceweight is an absolute bargain - I made the Luna Moth and the small Ishbel out of one ball and I could probably get another small Scarf out ot the remainder..............a fabulous bargain in my view and its so delicate!

So I was done with the lace and moved onto socks for my father. I thought I would go for the Earl Grey pattern by the fabulous Yarn Harlot as I don't see my Dad in anything too fancy! Well I have to say I LIKE the idea of socks but in reality I don't particularly like knitting them! I guess this is partly to do with the fact that the only socks I have ever made are pretty dense knitting (as is the Earl Grey) and on toothpicks for needles!! So I have finished one sock and the other is waiting in the wings to make an entrance. My Dad has big feet too so that just might be why they seem to go on and on! Knitting them in Malabrigo sock which is nice yarn to work with and I love the forest green colour - as you can see in the arty shot I tried to do!!!!

I might add at this point that photography is another thing I would love to take up properly and so am seriously thinking of taking some lessons - saw some advertised locally and now the weather is actually nice enough to go out and about with the camera I should really do it properly!! (see what I mean about giving myself a hard time!!)

However.................leaving the best till last is the Damson shawl (or you could call it a capelet) by Ysolda Teague. I saw a couple of them on Ravelry, most notably by the lovely Debbie in our group in a truly lovely crimson, and I just had to make one. I have had the most perfect colour languishing in my stash - Malabrigo sock (again!!) in Velvet Grapes. Way too good to be knit into a smelly pair of socks! I have just finished the main body of the shawl which was actually in itself a bit boring but what is keeping me going is the colour of the yarn - I just look at it and sigh! So another couple of 'arty' photos below so that you can see what I mean - don't you just love that colour?????

I would just like to say that actually I want to be Ysolda Teague............does that make me weird?? ha ha!!

I should think I will have the Damson done at the weekend and then I really need to conquer my demons and cast on the second sock. Then I have three WIPS to finish before I cast on anything else.....

On other stuff in my life I am here:

Reading: The Aviary Gate by Kate Hickman

Am loving this - set in a Harem in 16th century Istanbul.............beginning to think life in a Harem wasn't all that bad!!

Listening to: Podcasts, Stash and Burn and Never Not Knitting - my new favorites although I do still enjoy Knit Picks too!

Also listening to The Tenderness of Wolves as an audiobook for knitting moments when I cannot bear to waste my life watching Football from the UK! I can manage to watch West Ham with my two WHUFC nutcases - but of late their performance has been dismal so not exactly an enjoyable occupation!

Very very very excited that we only have just over a week to go until my Dad and my Brother get here and we are off to see the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Whilst I am super happy that Jensen Button is now World Champion - part of me is a bit disappointed that he actually won it in Brazil rather than leaving it to a nail biting climax here in AD!!

So that's me ......................
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