New Year............hmmn its March already! bad have I been at blogging recently? - Ok yes, so that's VERY bad!

Usual excuses come to mind, but in truth work has been unbearable! A couple of weeks ago I was at the point of total breakdown! I have not had more than 2 days off together since July and really that is now taking its toll on me in many ways. I book vacation and then when I see just how much I have to do.....cancel it again! I did manage a weekend away, but got home to over 300 emails so wondered whether it was worth it! However I am pleased to say that I finally have some help coming and then I can get my life back in order! As ever I eat when I am stressed so the weight gain then makes me depressed and so on and so on.......... amongst all the work angst I there have been other things in my life! My sister visited for 3 days on her way back from New Zealand and it was lovely to see her again, although I was not able to spend as much time with her as I would have liked due to work - but she had fun sitting by the pool and learning how to knit socks from the toe up (my new passion......but more of that later!). Acutally she is a really good knitter and crochets way better than me! THEN my brother stopped by for the day..........yes a whole day in Abu Dhabi, which seems strange until I tell you that he took a cruise with Emma (his daughter) on the new Discovery of the Seas (massive ship and I mean MASSIVE) which sailed around the Gulf with one day in AUH! Since he came on a Friday (our Saturday) we were able to spend the whole day together which was great.

On the not so great side, DH Keith managed to tear his cartiledge again whilst kneeling down mending the Blu Ray player............. so last week he had an operation to remove it. We were both a bit worried about having an operation away from home, but although the hospital room was not exactly luxurious the surgery went well and he is on the road to recovery. However of course in the manner of all men, he is milking his recovery period................! Its tough having to work and look after his and the children's needs - all three of them seem to be fighting for my attention!

But to Knitting!! Hurrah at last.............

So I have done a ton of things since I last blogged:
  • Finished the Phiaro
  • Cloud Nine socks
  • French Market Bag
  • Van Dyke toe up socks
  • Bolero

The last two Van Dyke and Bolero were for my entry into the Ravelympics - not too ambitious, but given that I have not had so much time since I have been working so much - all in all I am quite pleased. (Details of all can be found on my Ravelry page - Louiseluvsyarn).

I am also knitting another pair of toe up socks - Serpentine - finished the first sock last night and will cast on the second today I hope! These are from 'Socks from the Toe Up' and I love this book - I find toe up socks somehow more satisfying and logical, but there is always of course an argument for cuff down for some patterns.......... I think I am going to try and design some of my own as I really like a stitch pattern I found which looks a bit like a flickering flame and I think it could look great. The pattern looks as if it needs to be a toe up - so that could be fun

I have been using up my stash for all the above projects - smug smile :) - especially the Posh yarn, which is actually really lovely sock yarn and the colours are fab, the Serpentines are Elinor in colourway Gobelin (what a great name!) and they are really funky!

French Market bag was great and a lovely little bag to transport my knitting around and the Bolero was a sinch to knit up with the most amazing yarn which I got as a swap from my local knitting group the Amiras - thanks to Ramer!

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts recently and more and more would like to do one of my own - no disrespect to the lovely US and Canadian ladies out there - I absolutely love you all, Knitmore Girls, Stash and Burn, Lime and Violet, Nevernotknitting, Manic Purl etc but there are not so many Brits flying the flag (although I adore the Electric Sheep)! So as I have been considering buying myself a new laptop for quite a while now I am going to get a Macbook and get started - so more news on that later........... I need to be able to make links in shownotes etc - which I have no idea how to look at the whole thing as a learning opportunity!

Anyway enough for now..........................................

Happy Knitting!
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