The length of the to do list..........

Well have been back 'home' in London for nearly a week - although have to say it no longer really feels like home now that the family are broken up. It all seemed a bit overwhelming when I got in and realised what a state I had left the house in! Still, have now managed to make sure most things that need washing are indeed washed and going forward Fred and I won't make much dirt!

Its a bit scary being the one left behind to sort everything out here - but guess its also scary for K having to sort out Visas etc in AD. Made the mistake of forgetting to attest the education documents - so that has taken up my time over the last couple of days - 2 and a half hours in Milton Keynes was not fun - neither will be visiting the UAE Embassy in the morning!

Spent most of the weekend with my family in Northampton - strangely did not cry when I left - only most of the way home in the car whilst listening to 'Sunday Love Songs' on the radio - they were relentless - someone should ban Radio 2 from deliberately making me feel melancholy! Especially as I heard a song which have not listened to for years and reminded me of when K and I met.............drys eyes LOL!!

Good news though is that K has found a villa and we are now getting the deposit and all the paperwork together. Managed to do a bit of a deal so got one which 3 months ago we would never have been able to afford!

Did quite a lot of February Ladies Sweater on Saturday - probably upset the family by sitting there knitting, but to be honest it was the only way to keep my sanity! Had a bit of a falling off needles incident, helped along by small fingers!, but managed to sort it out.

Anyway must go off and sort out some more things for packing/throwing!

Attached picture of my new home and my girl who I miss loads..........

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