Exhaustion setting in...............

This is going to be a short entry as I am more tired than I think I have ever been in my life. Trying to get the house into shape to move has been exhausting - we had just SO much junk to get rid of and of course I say 'we' - I am doing this on my own whilst still working full time (at full pelt!!) and having to manage a 4 year old - there is just no let up.

One of the worst things about it all is physically getting rid of the junk, I am freecylcing, selling, asking the council to come around and then finally deciding that I am just going to have to leave some stuff for the tennents.

No time for any knitting and sleep is fraught because I am worrying so much about getting everything done in time for the removal people who come next Saturday. I guess in comparison to some, I will be quite organised. Just hope the dear husband has sorted something nice for me when I arrive - although knowing him, all he will have sorted for me is yet another 'to do' list in Abu Dhabi.

Have just shouted at my son, and its not his fault bless him - just am too tired and stressed!

Note to all - NEVER try and emigrate as a single (ok I am tenchically not single, but for the purposes of this note I am!) , full time working mum of a small child - that's if you want to keep your sanity!

Only wish all this had made me lose weight - sadly when I am stressed all I want to do is eat!

End of moan..........................
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