My Top Ten Knitting Podcasts

Hi everyone - hope you are all happy and healthy!

So today I thought I would talk to you about Knitting Podcasts.

I discovered knitting podcasts about 4/5 years ago I would say when a friend of mine mentioned that they listened to 'Lime and Violet' (sadly no longer podcasting!).  I have to say that I had never even considered listening to a podcast and sort of assumed that it would be a poorly produced recording from people who were just a bit nerdy (and since I am now a fully paid up member of the 'Nerd Club', I feel I can confess that to you!).  I have a fairly long drive into work each day and since UAE radio is full of truly awful ads and that my musical taste, whilst eclectic, has not really moved on in the last 5 years, to be frank - I was bored!

So I hopped over to iTunes and downloaded Lime and Violet - well I was blown away.  Not only was the quality really good, they were a couple of funny girls and THEY WERE KNITTERS!!!!! I was hooked.  I then went ahead and downloaded quite a few others and really only found a few that I was really drawn podcasts as alternative listening material and it took me a while to work out my favourites.

5 years on and I have a fab list of podcasts which are on automatic download and I listen to religiously during my long and boring treks to work.  I can truly say that I am addicted and have learnt so much from them - or should I say enabled by them - from which yarn to buy, to which KAL to join, right through to soda bread and bullet journalling - I got it all from my podcast friends! (oh and not to mention my new love of Whiskey which is soley down to Caithness Craft Collective!!!).  All of the podcasts below also include some great interviews with the knitting glitterati and its great to get some many different perspectives on the craft and the industry.

Anyway if you don't listen to podcasts you are missing sooooo much!  These are my current favourites and they are in no particular order!!! Most of them also have websites and or Etsy shops so I have linked where I can! The links are in the titles.

Green Triangle Girl hosts this podcast and its just like having a friend in the room with a cup of tea (or gin and tonic, depending on our mood!).  She shares all things knitting and also has some great home making sections.  We get to hear about the playful tot, which is so cute and its really interesting to see how her life has moved since she had her little girl - reminds me a lot of myself when I first had my daughter. A great easy to listen podcast, which also makes me homesick as GTG is in South East London!

I Make is presented by the lovely Martine.  I just have to say that I am so jealous of Martine's energy - I don't know where she finds the time in the day to manage all the crafts she does and also her running (she completed the London Marathon this year!!)  Occasionally we also get to hear from her buddy Charles - and he is hilarious!  Martine lives in Guernsey so we also get to hear about life on the island which is fascinating.  Lots of inspiration from this podcast!

I am a relatively new listener to Louise from the Knit British podcast.  I have listened to them all from the start now and have to say that Louise has moved from being quite reserved to an absolute nutcase!  She has such an engaging style and I always have a smile on my face when I am listening to her.  Louise is based in the Shetland Isles and is keen to promote British Wool - and does a blooming good job of it!  I thought I knew about British Wool (my niece runs a sheep farm!) but I have learned so much (and I really really want to make a Lush cardigan now!)

What can I say about Louise (yes another one!)....... she is an absolute hoot - mad as a box of frogs!  Lots of knitting content but also lots of local content where she shares with us what is going on in Caithness (which is far far away in the wilds of Scotland!).  Of course the 'Dramming' section has encouraged my whiskey drinking and yes I do really blame her for that!  Always makes me smile and has a very practical outlook on life - love her!

Caithness Craft Etsy Shop

Helen Stewart is Curious Handmade and I would say she is currently my heroine!  Helen gave up corporate life to become a full time designer (which is of course my dream!) so its fantastic to be able to hear how she is managing with that (very very well I can tell you!!) and how she is evolving.  We learn all about the designs she is working on and also how she has been able to market them through various different media.  Not only that, she lives in East Dulwich - my UK home!  So yet more homesick moments!

Jo is a great Northern lass who has a very engaging style and fabulous northern accent - so down to earth!  I listened to her first few episodes when she lived in South Africa, but then for some reason stopped listening for a while (sorry Jo, I don't know why!!!).  Now she is back in the UK and she is a great listen.  We get lots of knitting content, but also Jo shares with us some of the traumas of daily life with 2 kids and a husband away in the RAF - but they are always humorous!  She has recently moved to Scotland - so again I am hugely jealous because thats also my long term plan!!

Isabelle is French, but her podcast is in English.  She has a focus on not just knitting, but also sewing and spinning.  Again another lady of whom I don't know how she manages to find the time given she works quite a way from where she lives and has a small daughter!  I really like the sewing content as I love to sew although don't often get the time.  Isabelle makes things for herself and her daughter and they are truly gorgeous.  A podcast to sit down and relax to!

This is from the lovely Hoxton Handmade and one of the very first British podcasts I listened to.  Sadly Hoxton has not put out an episode for a while, but it is really worth catching up on the back catalogue.  The podcast always starts with a very well thought out 'essay' on a current topic, which she does always try and skew towards craft, but sometimes other burning issues take her fancy.  At Christmas there is always a traditional 'panto' where the sheep and his band of miscreants always manage to win out in the end.  I do hope that we see something from Hoxton in the future as she is greatly missed!

NB........Breaking news - hop over to the Hoxton Handmade website and you will see what has kept our lovely Hoxton off of the airways! Many Congratulations to her and Mr Hoxton xxxxxxx

No podcast list would be complete without mentioning the lovely 'Grande Dames' of the knitting podcast world!  This is a US Mother and Daughter production and its one of those shows which you can listen to religiously every week or you can dip in and out as you please.  Lots and lots of knitting content and I especially love 'When Knitting Attacks' - lots of reviews and KAL - the most famous being #operationsockdrawer - which I have also participated in!  I also have these lovely ladies to thank for introducing me to the Outlander series of books - I will always be grateful for that!!!!

Knitting Pipeline

When I heard about this podcast, to be honest I thought it would not be for me, but how wrong I was!  Paula hails from the US and not only is she a fabulous knitter, but she also plays in a Pipe Bank - how cool is that!!!  She has a lovely style and I really like hearing about the nature of her area - she always lets us know about the birds! Another laid back podcast to be taken with a cup of tea (not ideal when driving!


I get all of my podcasts from iTunes but check out their websites for other forms of download.

I do confess there are other subjects I listen to via podcasting from time to time and I also love love love The Archers (Radio4 'soap').  So its fair to say my driving to and from work is pretty much sorted in terms of listening material!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading about my faves - would love to hear if there are some more that I should check out?

Happy Listening!

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