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Hello everyone - so its been longer than I anticipated in getting this second part, which I am going to call my "Scotland Section" to the blog.

Unfortunately we have had a very tough couple of months where my darling Mum was very ill and sadly passed away on the 17th September.  So as you can imagine, it has been a time where I have been rushing about on planes back and forth the to UK and coming to terms with the loss of the kindest and most open hearted of people - and its not just me who recognises that, many of the people we have spoken to since her death have commented on how much she loved to give, both of her time and her love.  I miss her every day and am so happy that I got to be with her in her last few days and most importantly that she knew I was there.  Its hard and I don't expect it to get easier any time soon - but I know that I was lucky to have THE best Mum in the world - and she passed on her love of craft to me (especially knitting) and for that alone I am so grateful - I don't know where I would have been in my life if I had not had some sort of creative outlet to see me through the hard times (of which there have been more than a few!).

Anyway many thanks to everyone for their kind words and support - we all know that Knitters are the best - right!! Right up there with family members!

So anyway back to my yarn haul from Scotland......

Well you know right away when you go to Scotland you are going to come back with yarn - its an absolute given!

We stayed in the gorgeous village of Kenmore, which is on Loch Tay - and the scenery is of course stunningly beautiful.  Having been to the area before I thought I knew what to expect, but when you see the Loch - whether its sunny or grey and cloudy, its magnificence justs knocks my (handknit) socks off again and again.

We stayed at the Mains of Taymouth estate which is fabulous - the property was lovely and the facilities there - come rain or shine - are such that you could actually never leave - but that would be such a waste - it was fabulous to get out into the countryside.  For those of you who love the Outlander series (as I do!) you will understand why at times it felt like I was actually there ...... the mountains have been the same for many many thousands of years.  We did of course visit Doune Castle which is the TV setting of Castle Leoch and that was fantastic (although Monthy Python and the Holy Grail was also filmed there and my son is still obsessed with galloping around the house on a make-believe horse - reference will only be appreciated by those who have seen the film - and if you are not a Monty Python fan then many apologies because you won't have a clue about what I am talking about!)

Some fantastic shots of beautiful Scotland - note Fred posing by the Kerelia House sign - see below!

Anyway I could wax lyrical about the countryside adnauseum but you want to hear about the yarn!

My first haul was from the lovely Strathearn Fleece & Fibre stall at the Killin Highland Games which we visited. Whilst the others were busy watching the Scottish Dancing and Caber Tossing I snuck off and found the lovely little stall.  Its was difficult to chose from the lovely hand dyed on the stall but I finally went with a Blue Faced Leicester DK weight in two fantastic multicolours.  I just loved the rainbow colours of one of the skeins and the dusky purple and grey of the other - which reminded me so much of a Scottish landscape.  Both these skeins scream "cowl' to me - but lets see how that goes!  See the link below to read more about their fleece to fibre approach!

Gorgeous colour combinations in the BFL DK

My next haul came from a little shop Karelia House which I discovered literally a mile away from where we were staying - well actually its not small at all!  There is a lovely space which houses the most scrumptious cafe (salted caramel biscuits..........need I say more), yarn shop, workshop space, fabric shop and finally a woodburning stove showroom.  From here I purchased some Rowan Kidsilk Haze (for my new shawl project ....... watch this space) and some Ripples Crafts 4ply, again in the lovely Blue Faced Leicester in the Deep Lochs colourway.  I wanted the Ripples Crafts so much since I had heard Louise from Knit British (check out her fabulous blog and even more fabulous podcast at the links below  - I am a big fan) wax lyrical about it - and she's not wrong, its really lovely stuff with little tweedy nupps.  Definitely another shawl I think - might even be the ellusive Tardis Shawl which I cast on once before - but frogged due to lack of brain bandwidth!

Just look at these cute nupps!

Who does not love a bit of sparkly Kidsilk Haze!

I also bought some cute material which will (someday....ahem) become project bags ........... still working on the husband to agree to my 'retirement' from corporate life - as I say to people, I am giving up corporate life 'one stitch at a time' so at this rate it will be a while :)

I think my fave are the Owls - twit twoo.............

Anyway hope you have enjoyed having a peek at my haul - unfortunately I don't get to go to all the fantastic yarn 'festivals' which are happening in the UK at the moment, but this little stash has made me happier!

Don't forget to comment below and share your recent purchases - I would have never gone for Ribbles Craft if I had not read about Louise's obsession with it!

Until the next time.........

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