Crochet on the Big Screen

I am always on the look out for handmade treasures on our screens and this week I have an absolute favourite - which is of course crochet!

This beautiful crochet cardigan is featured in the film Bright Stars which cam out in 2009 and stars Abbie Cornish and Ben Wishaw and follows the love story between the Poet Keats and Fannie Brawne.

I love Ben Wishaw and his quite unique style - he makes the most fabulous M in James Bond!

From the first time I saw this I was in love with the style and the story - and of course me being a History Nerd and lover of textiles, this film was sure to be a winner for me!

The costume designer, Australian Janet Patterson went to the fabulous Sophie Digard for this piece which is a masterpiece in delicate crochet.  If you have not come across Sophie's work before then I strongly urge you to check her out - frankly her items elevate crochet to a work of art and rightly so her pieces are very expensive and very collectable. Sadly I don't have any!!!

Sadly the film is not currently available on either Netflix or Amazon Prime Video - so for the time being its only available to buy on DVD - but if you love History, Textiles and a love story - its for you!

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