Weekend Work......

I had a quiet weekend this week!  I went to a new Renal doctor on Wednesday at the Abu Dhabi Cleveland Clinic.  Firstly the hospital is like a gallery - just beautiful and tranquil!  Secondly the Doctor was fantastic and for once knew what he was talking about and I did not have to remind him what tests I needed, and we had a good talk about the life of my kidney, new drug treatments and most importantly how he can keep me alive for as long as possible!  Yes I know that might be a bit moribund - but most transplant recipients do not die as a result of their transplanted organ failing - they die because other illnesses such as cancer, are much more easy to develop (and I am a point in case there!).  So for me its now all about how I can keep myself as healthy as possible and how I can balance out the drugs that I have to take with the side effects that have potentially fatal outcomes for me, e.g. one of the anti rejection drugs I currently take has now been shown to give you an increased risk of getting cancer. Anyway although it may not sound like it, my visit was really positive!

On the less positive side though he insisted that I get an immediate Flu and Pneumonia vaccine.  Yes, ok that was fine, go ahead I said.  Hmmm..... mild side effects it said on the paperwork!  Nope -I have had the most rotten cold for the entire weekend and a dry cough which is driving me insane - these vaccines better be pretty darn good!

So I sat on the sofa most of the weekend with a box of tissues, lemsip, cough medicine, iPhone and knitting!  I had one mishap when I went to answer the door to the gardeners (finally getting rid of the sand for some fake grass) and when I came back Roscoe had kindly unwound my sock yarn for me - he was in big trouble - but look at the face.......

Sorry Mum!

Anyway I have cast on 2 at a time socks and I am following the pattern from the lovely Mina Phillip - who is one of our Knitting Amiras and also hosts the Knitting Expat Podcast - which is very popular on You Tube!  I tried 2 at a time once before and it was a disaster - but Mina's method of doing the cuffs separately really seems to work! Yarn is Knit Picks Felici - which was gifted to me by my good friend Claire (whom I introduced to knitting a couple of years ago!).  Anyway so far so good and with some mindless Netflix watching (Peaky Blinders......) I have made some good progress - which is more than I can say for the shawl I am designing - had to tink back 6 rows of that - which did not really go with a head full of cotton wool!!  So have a go at two at a time and tell me what you think!!

Note the re-wound skein on the right!!!!

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