Join me on Anchor

Hi everyone!

I have been playing around with a new Social Media App called 'Anchor'.

The idea of Anchor is for you to record short pieces to share with others on just about any topic you like - and then other users can record responses - so its like having a conversation!

I love the idea because its quick and current and also sometimes platforms like Twitter and Facebook don't always convey thoughts very well as sentences can be taken at face value and especially with Twitter, the limited number of characters you have can sometimes mean that you can't really get across what you want to say.

So I decided to give it a go and so far so good - obviously I will mostly be talking Knitting and Sewing!! But I could see myself getting hooked up in conversations about books and movies etc!

You can sign up and don't have to record yourself - just listen - but you'd be missing out - its just like having a conversation on the phone - and you can re-record if you think you sound like a weirdo - which I have already done a couple (or even more) times!

Anyway you can download for the IOS in the App store - not too sure about Android, but I am sure there is or at least will be an App for that operating system too!

Look for me under the hashtag #knitting or #knittersofanchor and my user name is Louise Atkins.  There are a couple of other yarn users - most famously Jo from ShinyBees!

Link below for more information!


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