Happy Days

Hi All

Not been on the blog for a bit since we have moved house - boy oh boy had I forgotten what a stressful time moving can be!  I don't think its the actual move which is the problem, in our case it was getting rid of all the stuff which could not go to the new place, due to lack of space or lack of 'fit'.  I did sell quite a lot of stuff but that in itself is a time consuming practice, especially when you are working full time - and as those of you who live in the UAE know, a full time working expat mum is something more unusual - everyone 'expects' you to be there during the day (don't even get me started on how I have had 'run ins' with the school over parents 'evenings' which start at 2.30pm!!!!!).

Anyway we are in and mostly settled, a few minor teething problems, but overall we are really happy in the new community and waiting eagerly for the neighbourhood Nandos to open!  A hop skip and a jump to Waitrose - just need a LYS and I will be sorted!!

In other news I have finally finally published my Lantern Shawl pattern!  This is the pattern I designed back in 2012 for the lovely Jocelyn for the Dubai Knits first yarn club - I was in the December shipment (felt a bit like a Pirelli Calendar - err in my dreams!!!).  Anyway the design was going ok until I got diagnosed with Breast Cancer and so it slowed down........and memories of test knitting whilst feeling sick with anxiety about my lymph node results are still very vivid.  Then just before I was due to submit to Jocelyn I dropped my beloved Mac on the marble floor and wrecked the hard drive :(  Suffice to say I had to go back to my scribbled notes and make head and tail of them and re-write and re populate the charts!  Since then I have been promising myself to publish it and finally along comes the 'Big Love Along' on the Playfulday podcast group - so the lovely ladies over there inspired me to finally get the thing done - no more procrastination (hmmmm should I have called it Procrastination Shawl I wonder???)

So last night I finally finished making the pattern look pretty and I published to Ravelry!  I have made it a free pattern since I thought it would be nice to 'give back' to the Ravelry community since when I was ill I got so much support from them - in many ways it was easier to talk to complete strangers rather than my own close friends and family.......

Anyway here it is Lantern Shawl so I hope you enjoy it if you knit it!

Also probably a good idea to give you an idea of the inspiration...... Jocelyn based the colour way (top two photos) on the Lantern Festival in the Philippines - very bright and colourful.  I wanted to use the diamond patten because it reminded me of the 'tiles' on the Yas Hotel here in Abu Dhabi and then when I saw a photo of the Lanterns it just all came together!

If you have ever been to Abu Dhabi or watched the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on TV you will know that the roof of the hotel lights up and can be programmed in many colours or animations - its pretty spectacular and very very OTT!!

Anyway I will leave you with a photo of the sunset from my new balcony - I am a lucky girl in many many ways!

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