So I have not written for a while - and so much has been going on ........... too much in fact!

So we will start with the good stuff!!  I have been knitting quite a bit and thankfully making progress on my WIP - so much so that I have finally finished the Atelier ..... yes, yes I know, I started that over a year ago, BUT I can finally tell you that I have Finished it!! Hurrah!  Very pleased with it and actually had occasion to wear it on my trip to Paris ...... more on that to come....

I also managed to knit up two pairs of fingerless mitts - one pair to match the Courtenay (see previous post) and one plain pair for Fred as an addition to his costume for Oliver! - which incidently was about the best children'r production I have ever seen - and I have seen a few!

Atelier in Madelinetosh Pasmina - Twig colourway
'Courtenay' Fingerless Mitts
'Oliver!" Fingerless Mitts
Holden Shawlette

Then I finished a Holden shawlette - a lovely pattern which I did in Malabrigo sock yarn.  Its has a very Edwardian feel to it - which is very apt given my obsession with Downton Abbey!

So my knitting mojo has been working overtime!  I also finished my Harvest Moon cardigan, but photos were not great of that one - check out on my Ravelry page: Here


BUT no more of the knitting - I had a fantastic trip to Paris recently - originally I had to go for work, but I managed to persuade Keith and Fred to come and meet me and head over to Disneyland.  Not before however I had a day, yes a whole day, to myself!  What bliss!  I downloaded a walking tour of Paris and headed over to Montmatre before coming back over the Seine to St Germain - the weather was awesome and I had the best time ever before meeting the boys and having a fantastic few days in Disneyland being a big kid again.  I love Paris!


Ok so that was all the good news!  Unfortunately the bad news is that after trip after trip to hospital and test after test, it seems that I have early stage Breast Cancer..........

Seems life has sent me another curve ball to deal with!  Surgeon to see in a couple of days to decide on the next course of action - partial or complete mastectomy - which I can't say I am looking forward to.  However I have been strong before and I can be strong again.

Just a word to those of you who know me on Facebook - please don't mention it on there as my parents read my updates and for the time being I cannot face telling them - they will be devastated, since I think they (and I!) feel that I have had my quota on life threatening diseases already and I am sure that they will be worried to death with me being over in the UAE whilst they are in the UK.  However I think that at the moment I want to keep the kids lives as normal as possible...........
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